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A Look into Navigation in Web Design
A retrospective on navigation patterns.
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It’s hard to get to your destination if you can’t see the way.
Everything you need to know about one of the more controversial UI elements in your toolkit.

Can voice navigation be a natural part of technology and human life?

Every time you visit a website, a process of learning is initiated in the brain.

🛠️ Tools & Resources
Bubble icon tab bar, Liquid swipe, Rubberr range picker and other

💎 Inspiration
Unusual Navigation Websites
A showcase of the best Unusual Navigation websites.
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This site is an attempt to make the process of viewing one's portfolio thoughtful, entertaining and a little bit nostalgic. It requires 2 devices to view it, smartphone as a controller.

Turn the reel to explore the content.

Discover the stories, work and ethos of this design studio through an experience of horizontal scroll, slick animations, tight typography and an eye–attacking easter-egg.