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Fabulous: Motivating App Engagement
How a health app uses UX and storytelling to help people achieve their goals.

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This meditation app wants you to use it (but not too much). That presents some design challenges.

Concept project
6 Everyday Motivational Tips for Designers
1. Don’t be Afraid to Start

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Amanda Poh shares her 5 strategies to cope with pressure.
Day 28: They suspect nothing. Yet.

Depression isn’t new, but working in product is.

🛠️ Tools&Resources
Digital services for mental health are increasingly common, but lacking a shared repository of best practices.

💎 Inspiration
Illustration by Sarah Maxwell for Mental Health Awareness Week.
Meditation isn’t an easy habit to build, so Headspace took a different approach to onboard the users.
Animation video showing struggles of students that sometimes come along with transitioning to university life.