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Weird science of art direction: Behind KIKK festival case study
A UI Case Study: Every edition of the KIKK Festival has its own theme. It is then partly guiding the curation of content, but it’s also the main inspiration for the branding. Check out how to do UI.
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Start breathing life into your creations. Following steps shouldn't be that hard, right?

It's always a great time to look back on the previous year and look ahead to things that you want to improve.
The process of creating the meaningful event experience
A UX Case Study: Experience a hassle-free conference environment. Check out how to do UX.
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The article presents the overview of effective design strategies for landing pages: read how to make the landing profitable and check the examples of modern web UI.

🛠️ Tools&Resources
Creative playground
Here you will find experiments, plugins and articles related to web development and programming. Here we present some new ideas and inspiration for solving problems and tackling challenges around web development.

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Creating experience is not enough? Check out conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia and all other parts of the world

💎 Inspiration
Awwwards Conference
A trendy way to layout your information. With a dash of colour. #MillenialAestethic
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A true example on how to make a great visual experience while keeping it clean.

Dive into the theme “Species and beyond” to explore the boundaries between the living and the non-living.

An anti-conference with anti-designed website that exposes unique thinkers and creatives.

Another simple but out of the box solution.