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Dark patterns are interfaces crafted in a way to trick the users into opting for something they initially didn't intend to, with one goal in mind: increasing the business profit.

Curious about product design at Dropbox? Check out Dropbox design team tools for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas.

Compilation of research and stories explaining the key to a healthier internet across five issues, from personal to global.

⚒️ Tools & Resources
Did you notice how Isometric illustration seems to be all over the place lately? We are here to show you that they don't require math knowledge or calculations! Learn how to "cheat" and create beautiful illustrations without breaking your head over isometric values.

💎 Inspiration
Check out this portoflio and click on everything.

Step into this dreamy experience from ZIZO, Digital and Creative agency in Japan.

Would you use this health tracker? We love the colors!

A browser-based game on online profiling.

💡 DesignSlices Challenge
Poppy designed a clothing swap app. Bravo Poppy! We hope to see more of your work. Check out Poppy's Behance profile.

Congratulations to all participants who took on this challenge!