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💡 DesignSlices UI Challenge
For this challenge you can choose between two topics. We also have a special treasure prepared: The best design will be awarded with Infinum goodie bag and all designs will be featured on the Design Islands website. 🎉

#1 Design an app that tracks how much personal data you are sharing.

New year new me… every year. As you enter the new year you are probably trying to make some promises to yourself — get up early, exercise more, eat healthy… But what about your big fat data? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with your privacy? Do you need a data diet? Show us how would you handle your data detox. How much are you sharing? Would you start by deleting your files and covering your online traces? Make your data “healthier” and thinner.

#2 Design an app that tracks your phone usage.

Have you ever wondered what your phone thinks about you? Does he think that you are lazy, shy or secretly in love? Does he think you are crazy cause you obsessively open and close the same app a million times? Visualize your phone usage. What do you usually do on your phone? What does it say about you? Do you recognize the reflection?
  • Post your designs on Dribbble by Sunday, March 15, 23:59 CEST
  • If you don't have a Dribbble account yet, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, we have a couple invites to share. :) 
  • Use hashtag #DesignSlices so we can easily find it
  • Design for a platform of your choice. It can be a website or a mobile app, whatever suits you
Good luck and have fun! 🏝️
📓 Reading list
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"I was there for three months, and for the first two I never asked for the bathroom key because I didn’t know where it was. I just pretended like I didn’t have to pee."
Is the weight of your potential weighing you down? Potential can be both a blessing and a curse.

P.S. Know that we got you all revved up on anxiety… just chill. 💜

⚒️ Tools & Resources
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A tool for quick and easy remote user testing.
Drag and drop any of your Lottie animations into your design as a GIF, and access a library of thousands of free animations.
💎 Inspiration
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