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Five ways to design the perfect onboarding experience
Do you like designing app onboardings? Even though it comes at the very end of the design project, the introductory flows are usually the most fun.
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Why Is Your Onboarding So Fragile?

Image by Sergej Pehterev

The UX of questions in user onboarding
Kimoji sold so many units that it nearly broke the App Store. What followed for all the people who bought it? Image by Amy Liu

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Onboarding is a virtual unboxing experience that helps users get started with an app.

Intercom on Onboarding helps you convert signups into successful users.

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Inclusiveness in illustration
Illustrations have become a key part of the tech branding landscape. Alice Lee shares her observation on it.
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For a bank loyalty app.
IKEA uses AI to onboard users in a form of a chat box.

via Muzli design inspiration from 2017