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How to design emotional interfaces for boring apps
When your product deals with repetitive tasks, it’s hard to keep users excited about it. That’s where UI comes into play.
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Emotional design can increase engagement and incite emotions that deliver a positive response from user.
Today’s digital product design is taking more of an ‘expected’ presence, where it should be direct in some instances and playful in others.
🏝️ Design Islands
We are walking you through the simple process of linking different associations and words which can lead to new creative narratives and fresh visual ideas.
Main goal for the branding was to reflect the name Uni-Phi and to create something that supports the tagline "Keep your community together."
⚒️ Tools & Resources
Have you seen any cool bounce animations lately? We think they are adorable, so we played with one and created a step by step tutorial.
💎 Inspiration
We recently redesigned the A1 app, so stay on the lookout for more gems like this one.

A festive illustration with a fun color palette.
Showing off Principal possibilities for quick animation.

A family of dynamic characters that change and grow based on the users input.