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Designing a food delivery app for motorbike drivers
A UX case study.
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Status trackers are pull; progress updates are push. Both are used to track the delivery of a product or service.
How to create excitement for a delivery. 

🛠️ Tools & Resources
Emanuel shares his tips on how to organize project folders. At the end of the article there is a template download link.
Helping teams can build a faster workflow.

💎 Inspiration
Landing page for a food service app.
Ship it like a pro.
Parcel tracking app concept.

💡 DesignSlices Challenge
Design a drone delivery navigation screen. 🧭

As the temperatures rise, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a drone deliver you stuff, so you don’t have to get out of the shade or your house at all? Order anything you want and follow your little drone on its journey. What would you order? Show us all the perks of online shopping and tracking your flying buddy on the map.

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  • Use hashtag #DesignSlices so we can easily find it. 
  • Design on a platform of your choice. It can be a website or a mobile app, whatever suits you.
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Our top picks - #03 Plant Tinder
Greender - a very clean and nice design. 

Plantio - by using a pot icon instead of a heart for the swiping action leaves a nice customized touch.

Bloom - a cute plant tinder.