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"What I’ve learned from facilitating over 100 remote workshops"
A consultant for UX and Design team collaboration shares her guide for successful design workshops with structure that makes everyone feel they can contribute.
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The type of workshop will dictate which tools your team should use. Ultimately, with limited time and budget, your best bet is to use a tool your team already knows.
Learn how to set up your workflow & prototype so that your next remote usability test can go as smoothly as possible.
Invision team shares their tips for running a remote design sprint and shows how you can replicate.
Working remote — our advice
Last week our team stayed home and migrated to fully remote work. Although we had all worked remote before, we are all aware that this time it will be a bigger challenge. Luckily, we have more remotely experienced colleagues who jumped in to help and keep morale high. So, from our Slack channel to you, here are Miloš's key tips. 🏡
⚒️ Tools & Resources
Figma template and activity to help teams ideate during a design sprint when teams are distributed.
Reminds you to clean hands regularly 💦 Helps build a habit 💦 30/60s modes for quicker or longer washing 💦

💎 Inspiration
Bounce it like it's hot!
Check out this bouncy animation by David Kampić on Dribbble. P.S. He might even have a tutorial in his pocket...
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We'll just leave this here.
Growing collection of free illustrations to help fight the spread of coronavirus by keeping people informed.
💡 DesignSlices UI Challenge
Valentina participated in our Data diet challenge and designed an app with skeuomorphic UI style. Congratulations Valentina, a goodie bag is coming your way! 👏 To see more of Valentina's work, check out her Dribbble.