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pluvia: Making plant care easier
UX case study on a solution for a user who has some difficulties in looking after her plants.
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Initially introduced by Apple in the iOS Mail app, today many apps use it not only to remove an item from a list, but also to expose an entire set of contextual actions.
The ultimate guide to better cards.

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Share designs and prototypes, provide feedback and collaborate with your whole team in a single workspace.

Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats.
💎 Inspiration
App concept for a plant shop by Julia Jakubiak.

Simple one-page plant website with a ton of animations showing off what Webflow can do. Each of the eleven plants is paired with a typeface to express its leafy personality.
Idea for an app helping to grow and maintain plants in your home by Kuba Zelichowski.

💡 DesignSlices Challenge & Design Academy
With a new challenge, comes a new special announcement!

We will choose one of our #DesignSlices UI challenges participant to get a free pass to our Design Academy 🎉 starting on September 26th. So make sure you follow all the new challenges.

During our academy, attendees will work on their own project under professional mentorship. The course is open for all students and recent graduates, and is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia from Sep 26 — Nov 29, 2019. You can find all the info regarding academy here: https://academy.infinum.co/course/design-zagreb/
Design a plant swiping screen.🌿 Show us how you can easily choose with which plant you want to go home with. When designing consider some characteristics a plant should have that you find important.

  • Post your designs anywhere on social media* (Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Instagram..) by Sunday, Aug 11 23:59 CEST
  • Use hashtag #DesignSlices so we can easily find it.
  • Design on a platform of your choice. It can be a website or a mobile app, whatever suits you.
*It is advisable to use Dribbble, as it is easier to view your designs. If you don't have an account - we have couple of invites so feel free to DM us on FB or Instagram.
Our top pick - #02 Cosmic travel
Enio just took on the challenge and we can say he really nailed it. Congrats Enio! You can find more of his work on his Dribbble account
Also, congrats to all the other participants! We love seeing your designs evolving and being challenged by new topics.

Question for all: 
Would you be up for our feedback on your design applications? You can answer us via your next #DesignSlices post how you feel about it or DM us on Instagram/Facebook/Dribbble if you find that more convenient. 

Everyone keep up the good work! 💪