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Redesign is a process, not a destination
Why most redesigns fail? A case study on big name redesign fails and what you can learn from them.

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Instead of designing the next billion dollar chat app, what if you designed a chat app for five moms?

Duolingo recently introduced a new wordmark and a more formalized visual language.

🛠️ Tools & Resources
Millions of practice design prompts to challenge you to think outside the box.
Retro prompt generator for whiteboard design practice.

43 case studies from the world's leading companies on how they are succeeding through experimentation and testing.

💎 Inspiration
Cuberto is bringing out customized burgers — and do you want a premium black theme with that?
Translating IKEA's offline experience into the concept of a seamless online app
Reimagining Bandcamp as a platform for streaming audio, video and online merch store.
💡 DesignSlices Challenge
We are closing this summer's edition of DesignSlices Challenge with a WF party, and here are the honorable guests:
Our top picks - #06 Wireframes for Wireframes
Kata designed a wireframe of an app for creating wireframes and prototypes. 

Goran choosed a warm palette for his wireframing tool.

Valentina played with shapes and contrasts in her colorful tool.