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Duolingo UX Analysis
Sometimes I install apps to analyse the best and worst parts of user experience or to develop my product thinking. Recently, I did one such analysis for Duolingo.
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An easy-to-use stepped process helps users avoid frustration and successfully complete a primary task. In this article we will overview various uses of progress trackers and see how they can be implemented.
People remember much more after reading if they retrieve information about the text from memory. Quizzes are one way websites can help users remember more.

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A student sign-in app concept design.
Taking another step in improving my animation skills - check out the details in the attachment!

User interface design for a Quiz app!
💡 DesignSlices Challenge
Teach someone to be a true couch potato

Do you need special education for being a couch potato? We are assured by our “always-remote-working” colleague you need. There is no better way to learn the art of couch-potating than through a well-designed app or website. This is where you come into play.

Show us how would you teach someone to binge like there's no tomorrow, estimate if that last week’s pizza is edible or programme his Roomba to do all the dirty work or other couch-potating disciplines. 

Send us your takes on lessons, quizzes and, most important of all, gamification — remember these are couch potatoes so keep them engaged.

  • Post your designs anywhere on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Dribbble, Behance..) by Sunday, Sep 08 23:59 CEST 
  • Use hashtag #DesignSlices so we can easily find it.
  • Design on a platform of your choice. It can be a website or a mobile app, whatever suits you.
  • Join challenges until Sep 17 to win a spot at our Design Course
Our top picks - #04 Dron delivery
I designed FoodByDrone as a part of @Infinum Design Challenge. The goal was to design an app with drone delivery navigation screen. FoodByDrone is mobile app for food delivery by drone.

Infinum #DesignSlices UI Challenge 04 - Drone Delivery.This time I gave myself a challenge to illustrate the signup screen. I also wanted to make something more colorful and fun looking.Let me ...

App for drone delivery as a part of Design Challenge by Infinum.