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New type family and refined play icon for YouTube
In 2013 YouTube introduced a refined play button to complement the full logo. It was so simple that it was hard to believe there was room for changes.
Pushing pixels, placing objects in the space, and adjusting colors, sizes and shapes, are not an easy tasks. How should a designer know what to do? 

It’s common to have to draw the same kinds of icons over and over — many different apps and websites use similar glyphs, but each instance typically needs to be tweaked for size and style, so they need to be redrawn.

Learn how Google reimagined over 2,000 emoji characters — all in the interest of expression.

& Feel
Some simple facilitation methods to create definition, expedite the design process and create transparency with stakeholders and team members on any given project. 

Many apps have horizontal scrolling lists. Maybe it’s also combined inside a vertical list. But are you designing it right?

Bring unrivaled context and continuity to your Sketch workflow and create better products with Craft Prototype.

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