7 Basic Design Principles We Forget About
Some of them will always apply!

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10 reflections on designing a design system
After two years of working on a design system team, there are a few things I’ve learned…

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As a designer, you’ll be aiming to produce work that causes the majority of users to respond in very similar ways.

What makes Apple gestures perfect

The documented collection of UI components.

A Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download 

Shooting donuts for A1 telecom
The Animade rebrand by Koto
In case you missed it
Zooming in your portfolio
We decided to organize a Portfolio Review. In this three-day online event, up and coming designers got a chance to learn about the best practices of creating a portfolio from seniors.
Help us create a Design community - Survey
After the launch of the Design Islands website we decided to try and bring together the ex-YU digital design community so that we can we share the processes behind the projects and the lessons learned through various events as well. By answering these few questions, you will help us make the community as useful to you as possible.
*Survey is in Croatian
P.S. We are hiring!