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Infinum's Design Islands Exposes Buried Treasures
Find out how Design Islands came to be after a bumpy year of team work and stormy seas of project managment. What was the treasure for which we sailed through it all?
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Kicking off a new project can be challenging when teams aren't together, but these 7 steps will help to run smooth.
Many designers have no animation experience and we animate based on what “feels right”. How can we then bottle this feeling?
Why all interfaces look the same.

Turn your app prototypes into native iOS and Android apps without coding.
The Figma Community coming together to share resources, learnings, and best practices as we learn new ways of working together remotely. 
An office noise generator — providing you with the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.
Typographic illustration by Ivana Bugarinovic
Bookmark app for audiobooks by Roman Lel
Digital stamp collection by Marijana Šimag