iPhone 12 vs Designers
How fragmentation will affect the way we design UI’s

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Boost your design productivity
Five tips to improve your efficiency and effectiveness

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Have you ever had this beautiful thought in your head, so beautiful you could almost taste it and then you just go ahead to make it happen…

The next-gen PS5 operating system promises several innovative functions never seen before on a game console

On–off controls that switch between two different system states need to clearly communicate to users both the current state and the state the system will move to, should the user press that control.

A powerful design kit with a huge set of customizable elements and templates

In this test face detection algorithms will determine how normal you are. 100% privacy friendly.

A tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments
Goliath Entertainment
The A-Z of AI
Doing Business by the Handbook by Marijana Šimag
Design Handbook
Our Design Handbook is live and public! Here you can learn everything about the culture and activities of Infinum's design team, tools we use, as well as detailed description of the methods and steps in the design process. 
Design Islands website won a Somo Borac award!
Our Design Islands website was a winner in the Somo Web category! Check out the video here.

P.S. We are hiring!