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You need a shape system
Shapes are often the overlooked element in designer's toolbox, but wise designers use them along color, typography and imagery to express brand and hierarchy. Learn how to use them and build systems!
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Rounded corners are becoming the industry standard. What is making them so popular? How do we make wise button decisions?
Separating content into groups and managing dense information is a crucial part of designing layouts. We can accomplish this with a simple UI element called: dividers.
🛠️ Tools & Resources
Google Material design is a great resource, especially for junior designers. Check out their Shape themed articles and resources.
Master the pen tool and have fun doing it by playing The Bézier Game. Hint: If you are an advanced player, you can skip the tutorial stage.
💎 Inspiration
The challenge of this year's Infinum Academy Design Course poster was to transfer the topic of interaction onto printed posters. Take a look at the ideas we played with.
A couple of drawings Justin Tran did for the newly-launched beta of Dropbox Transfer.
Look Book is a project designed to explore the use of UI Libraries in Adobe XD. It's aimed at designers new to XD or digital product design.
Kontrast is a puzzle game that invites you to use your creativity to find a way through a playful maze.
Rokas Aleliunas is just doing stuff, really feeling this mellow autumn whether mood.